Tiluchi Elite Oct. 16 2017

Former Tiluchi Player Tim Weah's Hat Trick Keeps U.S. Soccer Dream Alive 


Tim Weah training at the Tiluchi Elite fascility Dec. 2016

After a disappointing USMNT Wold Cup 2018 failure, the American people needed a hope to believe that we can dominate in soccer as we do in many other sports.  

Tim Weah made it possible for the American fans to dream again after scoring his first hat trick against Paraguay on Monday Oct. 16th. Weah's second goal was a perfect 10/10 hit that happens after years of proper technical training.  His goal is considered one the best goal of the tournament so far.  After receiving a through ball from a recovery in their own half, Tim had an elegant first touch, immediately change of rhythm and took a brilliant hit that is usually likely of a world class player.  

We are proud to have been part of the development of a star that has big steps to follow, but has his own unique style of play.  His work ethic has allowed him to build elegance, creativity, and change of rhythm, which is not usual to see in a player in the U.S.  

We can rest assure that the future stars that will allow the U.S to dominate in the next World Cup are in the making.  

The U.S. will be facing England this Saturday Oct. 21 in the 2017 Fifa World Cup quarterfinals.



Our former player Timmothy Weah has signed his first professional contract with gigant European club PSG.  After his outstanding year performance for the U17 PSG youth academy, Timonthy has earned the opportunity to play at the highest level. At Tiluchi we are proud and thankful to see one of our players reach one of his dreams.   

Timothy's determination, love and passion for the sport of soccer, started as a toddler which allowed him to reach a goal everyone dream of.  The road to become a professional soccer player is not as it looks once you get to the top.  All we see is their performance on the pitch and external outlook, but we don't see what they go through behind the scene.  Most players had to give up their family time, and enjoyments provided out there.  At the age of two Timothy was exposed to the game of soccer to whom he felt in love with.  During that time he wasn't aware he was the son of a legend; all he knew was that kicking a soccer ball around give him life.  


Time past by and the opportunity for Timothy to explore Europe came.  After all the worked put in during the years, at Tiluchi we felt confident he was ready to take the next step on the ladder.  But it was surprising for me as a trainer to see that every break that he came back to the U.S., he would call wanting to train. I was very impressed to see his level of commitment, but mostly how humble and hard working he was knowing he was the son of a legend.  Years kept passing by and every break and opportunity he had, he continue to come back for extra training.  The older he was getting the hardest he worked, and the humblest he became.  Thats what we believe makes a great player besides the skills.  Timothy work ethic and discipline allowed him to create his opportunities.  As all hard work pays off, the time for his reward has come and we are very proud of him.

I remember the first time Clar Weah called me to train Timothy (12).  The last name sound familiar but I really didn't pay attention to it.  All I knew was that a kid was coming to train at Tiluchi from Jamaica NY, and the distance traveled to train showed his level of commitment.  

After the first session, you can tell there was something special about this kid, because his desire was reflected on the energy given during the session.  Most of the time, the coach has to be the one injecting kids with energy, but this was not the case.  Timothy's mom would schedule most of our sessions early morning (7:30am).  For me this was very impressive, because I know how hard it is for a kid his age (13) to wake up that early to train.  Even more knowing the intensity we apply at our program.  

 Tiluchi thanks Timothy because thanks to his sacrifice, it will allow kids to keep their dream alive.  Through sacrifice, determination, discipline, and overall passion for the sport everything is possible.  Specially thank you for making me (Coach Luis) live the dream through your accomplishments.  Keep up the great work Tiluchi Boss!!!.

Timothy training summer 2016 before going back to France

Timothy training summer 2016 before going back to France


Timothy Weah A Star In The Making

Courtesy of Timothy Weah (Photo IG: @timothyweah)

Courtesy of Timothy Weah (Photo IG: @timothyweah)

After losing on the last minute against Kashiwa Reysol (Jan 30) at the Alkass International Cup where teams such as: Real Madrid, PSV, Bayern Munchen, Roma; Timothy has been recognize by the tournament organization as 'a star in the making.' 

The New Tiluchi Sensation Hasung Jun

Hasung started his first soccer steps at Tiluchi Elite back in the summer of 2014 when his dad Daniel Jun heard about the program and saw his son sudden interest in soccer.  Ever since then, Hasung has attended the program being carefully evaluated and trained at the highest level possible.  

Image taken back in winter 2014

Image taken back in winter 2014

Daniel started looking for effective and serious soccer programs around the area, but most of them trained kids with a system that did not convince him.  After searching around, Daniel bumped into a friend of his (Alex Choi), whom told him about an effective development program in the area, and that if his son should try it.  Later on, Daniel decided to get in touch with Tiluchi Elite,  and decided to arrange a time for an evaluation with the program.  

At Tiluchi Elite, we noticed Hasung's 'Work Ethic' that stand out and has allowed him to accelerate his development process.  His desire, determination and willingness to learn has led to his most recent success.  

Back in the summer 2014 Hasung Jun became surprised by his older son sudden interest after attending many soccer programs in the Tri-State area.  He took this as a sign that needed to get his son to a more detail oriented development program.  


Currently, Hasung is one of the top most complete U10 soccer players in the Tri-State area.  He is now part of the Red Bull and CSA 'Academy,' that are more than happy to count with a player of his caliber that certainly helps their teams win games and most importantly the enjoyment his parents experience every time they watch him play.  

Tiluchi Elite take pride in the development of competitive players and is very proud to be part of the development of top quality players like Hasung.  We will continue to motivate, and help kids reach their full potential and to keep their dream alive.  


A High Quality Player That Has Experienced The Tiluchi Method Has Signed In France

Posted October 16, 2015


Kyle Duncan, the 18 years old Red Bulls and U.S National Team defender has become one more of the few that taste the sweetness of success.  Kyle has recently signed a contract with Ligue 1 in France.  Kyle street-smart ability to defend, unusual technical ability but overall high work-ethics is starting to pay off.  Like many, Kyle has dream of this moment, but the difference is that many sleep on their dreams, where others like Duncan, work for that dream to happen.  

Kyle Duncan Singning For The Ligue 1 in France

Kyle Duncan Singning For The Ligue 1 in France

Everyone dream of getting that first contract, but few like Kyle knows what it takes to make it happen.  He understood that the only way to get to where he is at is through hard work.  Tiluchi remembers Kyle first session, and saw in him little things that are very rare to see on a player, such as: dedication, commitment, and the desire to work as hard as the body can take to be successful .

Soccer has to be felt from the very bottom for positive results to come, and that's what you see when Kyle steps on the field.  There are 22 players on the field, but only those players that enjoy the game and reflect it to those watching make it to the next level.  His ability to read the game has led him to become an outlier in the U.S. systematic way of playing.  Everyone can pass a ball, but not everyone can pass a ball with elegance like Kyle does.  

His work ethic will only take him as far as he wants to work for it, and from what we have seen, is very far.  The U.S. need players like Kyle Duncan to change their reputation, as their failure is due to the selection of those that lack Kyle's ability, desire and commitment but the size of the pay check.  


Timothy Weah Playing With Giant European Club PSG In France 

September 15, 2015


Timothy Weah, the son of one of the greatest African soccer players, and 1995 golden boot winner George Weah, has made one of his first dreams come true.  After having a trial at one of the most powerful soccer teams on earth, Chelsea from the English Premier League, now has signed a four year trial contract with youth giant Paris Saint German (PSG) from France.  Currently, in the history of the U.S. Timothy has become the first American youth player to ever sign a contract with a giant European club at his age (PSG Under 17s). 

Timmothy Weah Training at Tiluchi Elite Summer 2016

Timmothy Weah Training at Tiluchi Elite Summer 2016

His dedication, commitment and overall his work-ethic started to pay off greatly.  For many years, Timothy has been working to follow the footprints his legendary father has left in the world of soccer.  

In 2012 at the age of 12 Timothy started training at Tiluchi, and ever since then, every time he is back to the U.S. from Europe, he trains with us.  Clare Weah (Mother) and George Weah (father) would drive from NY early morning to train with Tiluchi Elite.  We were impressed with how committed parents and son were and we greatly appreciate their believe in our program.  

Timothy Weah Training on sand at Tiluchi Elite back in 2013

Timothy Weah Training on sand at Tiluchi Elite back in 2013

Ever since Timothy started at our program, we were impressed with how hard this kid worked.  Starting with the fact that he had to wake up at 6am to make his way to training at 8am.  Tiluchi knew back then, that it was the beginning of the creation of a new world class soccer player. Not too many kids are willing to sacrifice their sleep to train in the chase for their dream. 

Timmothy Weah Playing At Gigant PSG 2016

Timmothy Weah Playing At Gigant PSG 2016

Results now speak louder than words, and now Timothy is tasting the price of what he has worked for, and continues to work harder and harder every day as if it was yesterday to become one of the greatest future stars.