The Tiluchi Is More Than Just A Bird

Tiluchi Bird Is The Only Engineer Bird

Tiluchi Bird Is The Only Engineer Bird


intuition behind the tiluchi bird

Tiluchi (Furinarious Rufus) is a bird found in Bolivia, Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, and Argentina (National Emblem of Argentina).  In Bolivia is the symbol of home and hard work; and its flattery to be told you are Tiluchi for something because it means to be highly skillful, fit, intelligent, cool. 

The Tiluchi is a natural engineer bird that builds its nest little by little with patient and hard work; picking up from the ground small particles of mud, residuals of dry grass, tiny branches, and shingles.  Once they are mixed, this becomes a highly nest design as solid as a rock despite the fact that they are outdoors; and can last for years in any season changes.   

Why Tiluchi?

The intuition behind the Tiluchi bird into our Elite training program besides it’s description, is because just like the Tiluchi builds its nest little by little with , we patiently develop our players.  By providing them with an Elite, and detail solid foundation that allows them to be able to compete on a higher level in the near future.  For the Tiluchi building it’s nest is a way to protect it’s baby birds from extreme weathers; whereas our training provides our players stability to allow them to succeed in the future. More than just a sports guidance, it is teaching a way of life through the sport of soccer.