What We Do Best

Our unique detail development of competitive soccer players through a series of creative drills and exercises design specifically for each individual talent.  Our focus on every aspect that the game requires: Technical, Physical, Tactical and Psychological allows us to see incredible results in a short period of time.  Tiluchi evaluates each player strength and weakens, and proceeds to fill in those holes left unattended, and polish those skills previously learn with a super-set of challenging (soccer related) drills.  In order to succeed in the competitive soccer environment a player needs to be in the right environment, with the right trainer/coach that provides the hands-on tools to compete.  Tiluchi take pride on the development of Elite players, and practice what we preach.     


Our trainers know what it takes to get to the next level and passionately apply their knowledge and personal experiences on the field to help players reach their full potential.  What allows our program to give outstanding results is the high technical ball and body control level each trainer has.  We not only hire certify professional trainers/coaches, but mainly those that do it with passion (not waiting for the time to go by to get pay).  We believe that knowledge of the game and high level of competitiveness reached on a trainer/coach sets the example as they become the players role model.  The effectiveness of Tiluchi development is executed in two ways: One-On-One or a group of 6 or less.  


Time: 1hr

Note: Packages available, email us for more information


Our individual session is the most effective way to see results because it allows the trainer/coach to touch every previously untouched aspect of the players game in detail.  On the first session the trainer evaluates the player and proceeds to create a specific program for immediate improvement.  

Group Training

Time: 1hr Superset (1v1 & 2v2 game let 15-20 minutes)

Min: 6 Players Max: 10

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Group training is also essential for a players development as it allows them to put into practice their skills and knowledge acquired during the privates and or in their respective teams.  Players are exposed to a competitive environment, where they are challenged to compete against other skillful players on a 1v1-2v2-3v3 game situations and drills.  This allows them to push themselves, and get out of their comfort zone.  

Team Training

Time: Upon request

Note: for more information email us at: 


Our team training professionally is specifically designed to focus on the four main elements of a player/team development: Technical, Physical, Tactical and Psychological with the main focus on tactical movements and player positioning as well as the importance of team work and camaraderie.